Black and woman in a foreign country-day 1

Baby and I first met at the airport eager to travel and share our entire life story on a plane 

My first day in South Korea 

Did I mention this was my first time on an airplane? Also my first time out of the country? Well, yes and I was more excited than nervous. Nerves tend to make me talk a lot and I did a lot of that with my new found travel mate where we shared everything from boy drama to near death experiences. And after 3 plane rides and a 5hour bus trip we were all out of conversation. I got off the bus first, promised to stay in touch and found myself semi stranded down town with 3 suitcases and no WiFi! 

Eventually found WiFi and my director picked me up, I had KFC for supper at 3am and I admit I looked dodgy but that’s what traveling for almost two days does I guess. 

First day at work
A few hours later…. Then I went to work, introduced myself to the babies, cute Korean babies with big smiles! My director and the other teachers were lovely, they kept saying I’m so beautiful and I was like yassss they love me…. these my people! The day went well just kept popping into kids classrooms, and introducing myself, still absolutely exhausted… I came back the nextday feeling more confident, we went out for lunch to get to know each other better and it was Friday so I was like yeay week is almost done, day one was a breeze now let’s eat! The food was really interesting! I didn’t know we had such a huge variety of leaves, that had so many yummy tastes. The variety was great because I immediately knew what I’d like and I what I didn’t like so much. No to spicy, yes to trying seeds, fish and vegetables! It was a lovely meal, followed by a chilled day at school, no work just going through the school website and watching some teaching videos online and saying hello a thousand times to all the polite kids who would light up and tell others when they saw me. How I wish they’d be sweethearts the whole year but wow they were yet to show me flames (some) anyway the day continued… week 1 done then I had to go home and learn how to take the bus m, easy right?
First Korean meal
One of the teachers walked me to the bus stop and then…. hehe! So she asks me whether I know my stop, babes was just making sure and I confidently check my phone. Didn’t I think kamsamnida was my bus stop (I wrote it down) kaaanti this actually meant thank you. The bus prompts a thank you when you get on and pay and I thought it was telling me my destination 😂😂 to this day I’m surprised she didn’t laugh, instead she looked worried! So she pressed the buzzer, paid for me at my stop and reminded me a few times of my bus stop, I still got lost and went around the building instead of walking straight into the apartment 😂but that’s not the point… my week 1 was smashed! Slam dunk!